Venture Martial Arts started in 2013 with the mission of improving the lives of children, teens and adults. Our mission is to help people Venture to a Better Life.

Our Mission Statement: “To improve the lives of children, adults and families by helping them develop the traditional values of Martial Arts through creating as many Black Belts as possible in each community we impact.”

Each Black Belt we create gives another person the tools necessary to Venture to a Better Life.

We have spent years working with thousands of people to identify the key problems that may be holding people back from achieving what they want in their life. What we found were three major issues in society:

  1. Society today is built to give children instant success, results and responses. It teaches children, teens and adults what they want is only one click away.
  2.  In the world today, the rapid pace of technology and knowledge growth means schools are teaching children information that is out of date by the time they graduate.
  3. Young adults sometimes assume their life will automatically build itself, often due to the idealized world of television and social media.
  4. We spend every day teaching our students how to get past these issues with our Venture to a Better Life mindset.
Come try us out. We know you will absolutely love it!


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