What It Means to Venture to a Better Life

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By Micah Martin, Founder, Venture Martial Arts

Life can be tough, and when you’re an adolescent, life’s problems can seem insurmountable. Children’s reactions to problems vary, from withdrawing and holding fears inside, to acting out and getting into trouble. Our Venture to a Better Life program teaches children the mental and physical habits they need to overcome challenges as youths and adults, allowing them to lead positive, healthy and productive lives.

Venture to a Better Life is about taking control and living the life you want through four principle habits:

  1. Healthy Physical Habits. We promote a healthy lifestyle through a diet of low sugar, low carbs and high fat, as well as regular exercise and living an active lifestyle. We incorporate cardio, flexibility, strength and core work into each martial arts class. This combination of diet and exercise will build your body to take on everyday life. In addition, we encourage students to exercise outside of class.
  2. Healthy Mental Habits. The Venture to a Better Life lifestyle means adopting good mental habits and a positive outlook on life. We work closely with each student in our program to build core mental habits, including focus, confidence and discipline, which help them in their life-long journey.
  3. Healthy Financial Habits. We encourage each student to live a healthy life through the financial principles of saving, investing and spending wisely. We ask our students to demonstrate what it means to live in a financially healthy manner by mapping out their future goals and then sharing a savings plan and timeline to meet those goals.
  4. The Venture Outlook on Life. We teach our students to take control and responsibility for their lives, actions and outcomes by promoting life as something you make happen versus something that happens to you—the Venture Outlook on Life. We teach our students responsibility and how to build their own outcomes. Everyone goes through ups and downs, and our program encourages proactively accepting responsibility and fixing situations.

From bullying issues at school or struggling with grades to family challenges (i.e. divorce, moving to a new community, etc.), kids can use our Venture to a Better Life tools to find their confidence and determination. And, the tools they learn will also guide them as they overcome obstacles in adulthood.

We are always glad to talk further with parents about our Venture to a Better Life program. We offer a complimentary private introductory lessen to our program, also. Complete the contact form on our website or call me at 303.928.0043 for more information and to sign up.

Stay Motivated to Work Hard

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In this day and age, instant gratification is everywhere. Smartphones, Google and Amazon have changed the way we solve problems. Answers are a click away, online orders can be delivered within two days and almost anything can be done with the tap of a finger.

Where does that leave kids, teens and even adults when things get tough? It leaves them struggling.

How can we stay motivated to work toward a goal or solve a more challenging problem when the answer isn’t a quick fix? You’d be surprised to know that Martial Arts can help.

Aside from the physical benefits, Martial Arts also provides students with life skills that extend far beyond the walls of a studio. In each of our programs, students have to work hard and truly earn each and every achievement. Belts are earned through meeting two or more curriculum/challenge-based requirements completed over an average of three months, and we pace out a minimum of 3.5 years to achieve Black Belt. This teaches students that the path to success is consistent hard work over time.

No one knows this better than Venture Martial Arts founder, Micah Martin.

Micah’s father died when Micah was eight years old, after a difficult five years of weekly emergency departments visits and surgeries due to his Type 2 Diabetes. These extreme circumstances pushed Micah’s family to poverty.

Micah started working 40-hour work-weeks on a construction site when he was just 11 years old, and moved on to working more than 60 hours a week by the time he was 15. At this point, Micah’s family had moved from California to Colorado, and the house they moved into was filled with mold. They gutted the entire building and left the roof on to keep the rain and snow out. The first few years of living in the house involved sleeping on a concrete floor with all the walls ripped out of the house.

Micah, his mother and his older brother started working up to 80-hour work-weeks in order to rebuild their lives. After a few years of getting back on their feet, Micah decided to take a small part of his newly earned income to do something he wanted to since he was eight years old: Martial Arts.

He did not expect training Taekwondo would change his life forever.

Taekwondo gave him the confidence to know he could do anything he set his mind to.

Since then, using these newly learned skills, Micah has built an extremely successful life with three children, a beautiful wife, a business that has impacted thousands of lives in a positive way, top achievements in Martial Arts, and a fulfilling life most young adults can only dream of.

Venture Martial Arts wants to give every child, teen and adult a dream life and we do this by giving students the tools they need to stay motivated, work hard and achieve everything they desire.


See the Data for Yourself

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In a recent survey, Venture Martial Arts students and their families were asked what qualities our schools have instilled in themselves or their family members. The data was clear: Venture Martial Arts training leads to more than physical benefits.

  • 80% of survey participants noted confidence and perseverance as being top qualities learned.
  • 65% said respect and focus.
  • 50% reported self-discipline.

The benefits from martial arts training can be life-changing.

See the data yourself!

Beyond the Physical Benefits

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Martial arts training has many physical benefits, including enhanced strength, balance and flexibility. However, the benefits from martial arts training go far beyond the physical. Some of the benefits our families have experienced include:

Healthy channeling of energy: Like adults, children and teens need relief from stress and a way to channel their energy. Oftentimes, younger minds don’t know how to do so in a healthy manner. That’s where martial arts comes in. Martial arts provides a structured, controlled environment that challenges both the mind and body, allowing the opportunity to relieve stress, energy and a frustration in an appropriate setting.

Aid in anger management: Martial arts can aid in anger management in a variety of ways. Beyond the obvious energy exertion, martial arts also incorporates breathing and focusing techniques. Those techniques allow students to practice staying calm and concentrated, regardless of hectic surroundings or irritating situations.

Boost self-esteem and confidence: While martial arts can be quite challenging, overcoming those challenges leads to great rewards. The desire and motivation to overcome the physical and mental obstacles presented in training give students the boost they need to conquer their fears, learn new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment that can’t be found in other physical practices.