Martial Arts Benefits for children in Broomfield, Colorado

Here at Venture Martial Arts, we know that there are so many benefits to your child being involved in our martial arts classes! So many, in fact, that we will be making this article into two parts! So check back to see the other reasons so many children are benefiting from these life-changing classes!



We have trained for many years to make sure everything we teach is reality based. We are dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of REALISTIC martial arts training – for ourselves and for your children! With that said… Your child may still be in the developmental stage of their life and will focus only on the basis of our Martial Arts Curriculum in Broomfield Colorado. Basic Techniques include Proper exercise form, punching, kicking, blocking and evasion techniques.


2-Focusing and Listening

At our location in Broomfield Colorado, we know Focus plays a key role in the mindset of children who have limited attention spans at this stage in their life. Our Program will build their attention span… teaching your child to focus on the task at hand while improving their listening and reaction skills at the same time. As a result, your child will excel in physical activity, improve their ability to stay focused, and become an intent listener in the dojo, at home, and in school.


3-Teamwork and Positive Social Interaction

Teamwork is necessary for any young child to develop. It is at this stage in their life that they develop an understanding and a confidence in their ability to work with others. Our activity-based curriculum and teamwork oriented environment develops character and teaches your child that the more we work together in the dojo, at home, and at school…the more we get accomplished.


4-Self-Control and Good Decision Making

Self-control refers to the training that one gives one’s self to accomplish a certain task or to adopt a particular pattern of behavior, even though one is unfocused or would rather be doing something else. For example, when your child has learned to listen to mom and dad, pay attention in class while listening to the teacher instead of talking to his friend next to him, he has demonstrated the ability to self-control… while making the good decision to do so.


5-Physical Fitness and Healthy Living

It is important for children to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit at an early age. Being physically fit is a necessity for any martial artist but more importantly… The sooner we enforce this concept, the healthier your child will be now… and the less difficult it will be to stay physically fit as they grow older.


6-Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

Our Program improves children’s self-esteem through consistent positive verbal reinforcement. When kids work to earn their next belt level, not only are they learning basic world-class self-defense, they are building self-esteem and learning to feel good about themselves.


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