Micah Martin
The Founder of Venture Martial Arts

Micah started teaching Martial Arts in 2008 and quickly became a passionate instructor who loves helping children succeed in Taekwondo and in life. Micah believes that through Taekwondo, he can impact children by helping them develop the traditional values that changed his life forever.

Venture to a Better Life is on a mission to help people take control and live the life they want.

The “Why” Behind the Venture to a Better Life Mission

The Early Years

Micah was born in 1992 in Central California to a lower middle-class family of seven. That family quickly grew to a family of 12 through his mother’s passion for adoption, and Micah ended up having six brothers and three sisters.

Early childhood was pretty standard until the age of four when his father became very sick from complications stemming from diabetes. Life quickly turned sour for the family, which forced them into extreme poverty for the adolescent years of Micah’s life.

Micah’s father died when Micah was eight, after a difficult five years of weekly emergency room visits and surgeries to remove all four of his father’s limbs, including starting with three toes that turned black in the first year of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

These extreme circumstances caused Micah’s family to live on expired food from local grocery store trash cans, and the only thing they had left after his dad passed away was an old house in the middle of thousands of acres of farmland in central California used to make raisins.

Micah’s mom remarried a conman when Micah was 11 years old who stole their house, taking the last thing the family had to hold onto. The next three years left Micah and his siblings living in a large industrial garage with no insulation, heat or air conditioning. Micah’s memories growing up were filled with cutting out mold from bread to eat the good part, trying to stay warm during winter and various other extreme elements.

Starting from the Bottom

Micah started working 40-hour work weeks on a construction site when he was 11 years old, and moved on to working more than 60 hours a week by the time he was 15 years old. He worked for a family-owned restaurant after his family moved to Conifer, Colorado. The house they moved into was filled with mold so they gutted the entire building and left the roof on to keep the rain and snow out. The first few years of living in the house were spent sleeping on a concrete floor with all the walls ripped out. The family would hide from the school bus and neighbors so no one found out anyone was living there.

During this period, Micah started serving double shifts 6 days a week at a local Italian restaurant. By this point, Micah, his mom and older brother worked up to 80-hour work weeks and started rebuilding their life after losing their home four years earlier.

The Venture to a Better Life Turning Point

After a few years of getting back on their feet, Micah decided to take a small part of his newly earned income to do something he had wanted to do since he was eight years old, but could not afford: Martial Arts. Based on a recommendation from his boss at the time, Micah walked into a Taekwondo school as an angry and misguided teenager. Walking in, Micah thought he was going to be able to beat people up and take his frustration out on other people.

He did not expect training Taekwondo would change his life forever.

The anger went away when he built basic levels of confidence and realized he could do anything he set his mind to. Over the years in Taekwondo he built the core principles of discipline, focus, integrity, self-control and confidence.

Since then, using these newly learned skills, Micah has built an extremely successful life with three children, a beautiful wife, a business that has impacted thousands of lives in a positive way, top achievements in Martial Arts, and a fulfilling life most young adults can only dream of. Today he spends his life passing these traits onto others and wants to take his mission to the entire world to help others build a better life for themselves.

This leads to the question “How did he go from eating moldy bread thrown out by the grocery store to a happy and healthy lifestyle?” He believes this is 100% due to the mindset and principles of Taekwondo and the Venture to a Better Life mission.

The four basic principles of the Venture to a Better Life Lifestyle include:

Principle #1: Healthy Physical Habits

A healthy diet is the key to the Venture Lifestyle. Venture Martial Arts promotes a healthy diet of low sugar, low carbs and high fat. We currently promote the Ketogenic diet to our core members to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and staying active is a major part of the Venture to a Better Life program. We incorporate cardio, flexibility, strength and core work. Everything we do is to build your body to take on everyday life. This is why we do not focus on weight training; rather, we focus on body weight exercises in our classes. Outside of classes, we encourage members to exercise on their own but caution that massive muscles can get in the way of everyday life.

Principle #2: Healthy Mental Habits

The Venture to a Better Life lifestyle comes down to having the right mental habits and outlook on life. We have many different core mental habits we build inside our students to help them in their life-long journey including confidence, focus and discipline.

Principle #3: Healthy Financial Habits

Make $1, spend $1.20, finance the $0.20 and worry about it later. This is the American Dream, right? Not exactly. The Venture to a Better Life financial model is simple. Make $1, spend $0.90 or less. Invest the leftover $0.10 into a safe and secure investment that provides security for you and your family. Financial principles as simple as this are now being passed to our staff, as well as teen and adult students, and will soon be explained to children as young as six within the Venture to a Better Life community.

Principle #4: The Venture Outlook on Life

This is the single biggest Venture to a Better Life principle. We teach our students to take control and responsibility for their life, actions and outcomes. If you view life as something you make happen versus something that happens to you, then you have the Venture outlook on life. We teach our students responsibility and to build their own outcomes. Everyone goes through ups and downs, but at Venture we learn to always accept responsibility and fix situations proactively.

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