Micah Martin
Venture Martial Arts Founder and Head Instructor

Mr. Micah Martin began teaching martial arts in 2008 and quickly became a passionate instructor who loves helping children succeed in taekwondo and in life. Mr. Martin believes that through taekwondo, he can impact children by helping them develop the traditional values that changed his life forever, thus, Venturing to a Better Life.

Isaac Martin
3rd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor

Mr. Isaac Martin began taekwondo in 2008 at the encouragement of his older brother, Mr. Micah Martin. From the moment he started, he loved what taekwondo had to offer—not just physically, but the life skills and lessons it provides students. Mr. Martin cares deeply every student and hopes taekwondo will impact their lives in the same ways it did for him. Mr. Isaac Martin is a very talented martial artist and a national champion in multiple categories.

David Sam
1st Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor

Mr. Sam has been in Martial Arts for over 30 years and is one of Venture Martial Art’s most experienced instructors.

Cole DeZoeten
3rd Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor

Mr. Cole de Zoeten began his martial arts training under Mr. Micah Martin’s guidance and has practiced taekwondo for more than 6 years. He has served as an instructor at Venture Martial Arts for nearly two years. Taekwondo has taught Mr. de Zoeten the core values that guide his life. He’s also gained physical fitness and social skills through taekwondo. He loves bringing his knowledge of and love for the sport to Venture Martial Arts students.

Gavin Engelstad
3rd Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor

Mr. Gavin Engelstad began taekwondo at age of 6 under the tutelage of Mr. Micah Martin. Mr. Engelstad is one of Venture Martial Arts’ first students, and he has a great love of the practice and school. He is currently working on earning his third degree black belt. Mr. Engelstad brings a passion to class that reflects everything he has learned in his journey. He finds joy in the impact he creates through taekwondo.

Audrey Keeley
2nd Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor

Ms. Audrey Keeley began martial arts training in 2012 under the guidance of Mr. Micah Martin and immensely enjoys both teaching and learning taekwondo. She wishes she could spend all day at the dojang, and absolutely loves teaching Venture Martial Arts students. She is a middle schooler in Denver and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Grant Salazar
3rd Degree Black Belt and 2019 National Champion

Mr. Salazar has been training Martial Arts for over 15 years and is a Head Instructor in Venture Martial Arts.

Gabriel Sandoval
2nd Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor

Mr. Gabriel Sandoval began his taekwondo practice at the age of 10, as a student under the direction of Mr. Micah Martin and Mr. Mahdi Ardehali. Mr. Sandoval earned his Black Belt degree at just 12 years of age and continues to train. He is excited to be an instructor as well as a lifelong student, for Venture Martial Arts. His future plans include earning his second degree Black Belt designation and moving up from assistant instructor (Red collar) to head instructor (Blue collar) at Venture. When he’s not on the mat, Mr. Sandoval enjoys playing and listening to music, and traveling to car shows.

Marcos Sandoval
2nd Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor

Mr. Marcos Sandoval began his taekwondo career at five years old and earned his Black Belt at age 8. He enjoys training and teaching at Venture Martial Arts alongside his brother Mr. Gabriel Sandoval. Mr. Marcos Sandoval is a 2018 national champion in forms and sparring. He won state championships in 2016 and 2017 in forms. He enjoys competing in tournaments and helping the karate kids and little dragons with their martial arts practice. In addition to martial arts, he enjoys playing guitar with older brother Mr. Gabriel Sandoval, who is teaching him. Mr. Marcos Sandoval also enjoys video gaming and car shows, as well as watching and participating in a variety of sports.

Akin Beckley
2nd Degree Black Belt

Bio coming soon.

Sola Beckley
2nd Degree Black Belt

Bio coming soon.

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